On Wednesday's edition of Lubbock's First News on KFYO, Mike Webb of Stone Ridge Group came by to discuss the development of the houses being built for "Casas for CASA."

Mike Webb is a part of the Stone Ridge Group. They are currently helping CASA by participating in Casas for CASA, a charity that raffles off playhouses. His group is making not one, but two playhouses. One is based on the Lowes building, and the other is based on the old KFYO building.

These two playhouses incorporate some nice features, such as a plug allowing electricity to be ran to the houses, as well as air conditioning units. "You get enough of these contractors involved, and the more that we talk about CASA and helping kids, the more excited they become and then the imagination flows from there."

Stone Ridge Group specializes in remodeling and updating homes. Instead of hiring out the work to other people, they do all the work themselves.

"We like to pay attention to details," Mike Webb stated. Stone Ridge Group goes out of their way to make sure that the home ends up how the owners want it. For instance, if someone wants a new stone counter top in their kitchen, Stone Ridge will measure the dimensions and make a template, and then cut out the stone themselves.

"One thing that we like doing by doing that template is the customer can come out to the shop, we can lay that up on the actual piece of stone and pay attention to the graining and whatnot, color, and so that once we put it into the house it looks really, really nice," Webb explained.

Keep an eye out for the Stone Ridge Group's playhouses at the Casas for CASA event, and don't miss your chance to own them. To find out more about the Stone Ridge Group, visit the Stone Ridge Group website here. To reach Mike Webb, call his cellphone at (806) 787-8334.

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