Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson joined Lubbock's First News with Robert Snyder and Laura Mac and discussed a Lubbock City Council meeting about the new Citizens Tower.

At that meeting, the council discussed options for the recently purchased Omni Building, including re-purposing and renovating the building to be a new City Hall and housing  many other municipal offices. The move would also allow the Lubbock Police Department to move into the current City Hall.

Robertson hopes the transition will take approximately three years.

The Council has passed a resolution authorizing Lubbock City Manager James Loomis to to execute a request for quotation to help determine how to best utilize the space.

The council also postponed taking action on proposed annexation of four sections of land in south and southwest Lubbock because councilman Victor Hernandez was not present. Hernandez's absence caused the council to not make a decision on an appointment to the Electric Utility Board.

Robertson says he believes that the council should get ahead of the growth process and protect the tax base by anticipating the current residential growth patterns.

Current board member Amelio Abeyta is up for re-appointment. An individual who was previously appointed to replace Abeyta was not able serve on the board.

Robertson said the level of disagreement on who to appoint requires that the full council be able to weigh in.

Barry Orr was approved to by the council to serve on the Market Lubbock Inc. and Lubbock Economic Development Alliance Boards of Directors.

Robertson noted that he and Mayor Pro Tem Jim Gerlt will represent the city by testifying before the State TailRoad Commission.

Robertson said he is concerned about the commission's attempt to pass legislation that would take away a city's opportunity to protest tax rate hike on natural gas charges. He also encouraged citizens to express their displeasure by calling the commission, writing letters to the editor and other avenues of protest.

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