On Monday's Chad Hasty Show, Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak joined the show to talk about the race for the White House, and what Trump has to do to win the election.

Mackowiak and Hasty discussed Trump's recent controversies, as well as the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination, and the chances that Clinton has an indictment in her future..

Hasty asked Mackowiak about Trump's unpredictable outburst and what he will need to do to win. Mackowiak replied, "If you believe like I do, like a lot of people do, that we are on the precipice of losing the country, of heading in a direction where we've gone too far or we can't turn around, you really think this election is crucial. To think that Hillary's the front runner right now, and the odds-on likely next President of the United States is really a scary thought. She's going to be a more effective Obama."

Mackowiak continued,

Trump still can win, but boy, he's got to right the ship quickly here.

Listen to the entire interview with Matt Mackowiak in the video above.

Matt Mackowiak is a political commentator, syndicated columnist, and is the co-founder of the bipartisan political news blog Must Read Texas.

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