On Monday's edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Matt Mackowiak made observations of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro's recent activities in Iowa. He also stated his opinion that Wendy Davis will not announce candidacy for Texas Governor.

Mackowiak believes that Castro's visit to Iowa the past weekend shows his likelihood of running as a contender for vice president. Mackowiak said that this was Castro's chance to see what it would be like to be a vice presidential candidate. He noted, "[T]his is also a chance to show support for the Ballot on Texas effort. The vice president would help provide some level of confidence into what they're trying to do in Texas." Mackowiak observed that such actions are setting up Castro to run in 2016.

Mackowiak also noted the talk revolving around Wendy Davis. He supported his previous statement that Davis will announce that she will not run for the position of governor because she has taken so long to make her decision. In spite of this opinion, Mackowiak said, "[I]t certainly seems like you're seeing her move in that direction and people are excited on the left. There is a desire to have a first-tier candidate on their side." He also noted that if Davis decides to run for reelection in her Senate seat, the race will be difficult because she has become more polarized than she was when she ran before. The real issue, Mackowiak believes that a real challenge for Davis will be to remain relevant long enough to gain victory if she runs.

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