Monday on the Chad Hasty Show, GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak discussed the effects of David Dewhurst attack on Dan Patrick and his confusion at Julian Castro's decision to accept the HUD position in the Cabinet.

David Dewhurst recently focused a negative political attack on Dan Patrick's documents showing Patrick checked into a mental hospital three decades ago. Mackowiack observed that this attack seems to have fallen short, due in part to society's current perspectives and understanding of mental health. He noted that this attack came much too late in the election season and that for many, it would simply reinforce votes for Patrick and show that Dewhurst hasn't offered anything to make himself stand out. Mackowiak said, "You hate to see campaigns to go so hard negative and so personal, but that's kind of the phase that we're at."

In addition, Mackowiak discussed Julian Castro, current Mayor of San Antonio, as President Obama's pick for the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Mackowiak said that while the position may add to Castro's resume, it seems like a dead end position. Mackowiak also observed that he is a weak mayor, because the City Manager handles day-to-day operations and the office only pays $4,000 a year. He suggested this, along with his new position as HUD, do not make Castro a solid contender for Vice President in 2016.

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