On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show Mark Davis, host of the Mark Davis Show on 660 AM in Dallas, talked with Chad about tonight's presidential election.

Davis said that in the last election, the Republican candidate was not exactly "inspiring," and that it was quite obvious to everyone that Obama would win. But this election, Davis said Obama has lost a lot of the enthusiasm and the "charm" that carried him into the White House 4 years ago. And he believes that will open up the door to a Romney victory.

Look at the major metropolitan dailies, the major newspapers that endorsed Obama in 08. They hitched their wagons to this dream ride, and now realize what a folly that was...I think there lies the key to the enthusiasm gap. I don't know if Romney has this enormous rock-and-roll enthusiasm that Obama had for the Democrats in 2008, but Obama does not have that this time. There absolutely is Republican enthusiasm to end this nightmare today, and so that's exactly what I think we're going to do.

Although Davis did predict tonight would result in a Romney victory, he couldn't say whether that victory would be a landslide or a close call. Either way, Davis said that it was time for the country to get serious and that the country desperately needs something different. Davis also mentioned that tonight's race would also have a significant impact on the Senate.

You can listen to Mark Davis on the Mark Davis Show online at 660amtheanswer.com. You can also follow him on Twitter @MarkDavis.

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