On the Wednesday edition of Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer joined Chad Hasty in studio to discuss the results of last night's presidential election and what lies ahead for America.

Neugebauer believed that the Democrats would not have the surprising turnout that they did, and that the Republican enthusiasm just wasn't enough for Romney to win. Neugebauer said that in the future, Republicans must do a a better job of promoting their core message, and that they must work harder to get more people out to the polls to vote.

"There are some folks that just stay away from the polls, because not everybody in America voted last night. So the question is how do we get people engaged in this process and how do we get them focused to the point where they turn out and vote?"

In his speech last night, Obama claimed that he would "reach out" and work with the Republicans. Neugebauer hopes he actually will, since there are many pressing issues in Congress that need to be addressed. However, he also contented that Obama and Senate majority leader Harry Reid could not be allowed to control the pace in the Senate any longer.

We owe our allegiance not to the President, not to the Senate, but in the House, we owe our allegiance to the people. These issues need to be addressed. Now we've been addressing them in the House and we've passed a number of bills in the House. We sent them over to the Senate, and Mr. Reid just chose not to take those up. And if that continues, then what you have is Mr. Reid and Mr. Obama basically controlling the pace of things. I don't think we can allow them to do that anymore."

Neuegbauer also discussed a number of other issues affected by the election, such as Obamacare, the stock market, and the "legacy" Obama will leave behind after his 4 years are up.

You can listen to Congressman Randy Neugebauer Mondays at 7:35 during Lubbock's First News on NewsTalk 790 KFYO.

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