A jury in Lubbock indicted 33-year-old Matthew Jay Gutierrez Tuesday afternoon for bribery, retaliation and failure to stop & render aid.

KAMC News reports that officers were called to a traffic accident at 66th and Frankford Avenue during the late night of April 1. Gutierrez was one of the drivers involved. At least one person was injured in the crash.

The allegedly intoxicated man told arresting officers that he had ties to the cartel and threatened to have the cartel kill the officer and his family. The suspect also offered police $500 to let him go.

According to the police report: "[The suspect] advised his dad was in law enforcement and I was in jeopardy of losing my job by arresting him. [The suspect] advised he was well connected within the city."

Gutierrez was taken to UMC for blood samples to test for the levels of alcohol in his blood. He's been held in jail in lieu of bonds totaling $20,000.

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