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Republican Strategist Matt Mackowiak joined The Chad Hasty Show on Tuesday to discuss the 2020 Election which is just seven days away.

Mackowiak told KFYO that polls nationally and in key swing states are beginning to get closer and closer and that the race for President could come down to a handful of states. One of the key states according to Mackowiak is the state of Pennsylvania and its 29 electoral college votes.

I think this whole election comes down to Pennsylvania. If Trump wins Pennsylvania he's got a number of pathways to win the election and probably becomes the frontrunner. If Biden wins Pennsylvania, it doesn't mean Trump can't win, it just makes it tougher. He will have to win Wisconsin or Michigan. He's going to have to hold a number of other states or flip a state. But if he (Trump) wins Pennsylvania all he has to do is win North Carolina, Florida, and Arizona. Those four states. If he wins those four states, he's almost surely going to be reelected.

Mackowiak told KFYO that the election will be a close one and we may not even have a declared winner the night of the election.

Next week, on election day, Matt Mackowiak will give his final thoughts on the 2020 Election plus give his predictions on a number of races here in Texas and throughout the nation.

Listen to the audio above for more from Matt Mackowiak.

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