Ralph's Records is a well-loved shop here in Lubbock that sells CDs, DVDs, video games and, you guessed it, vinyl records. They've been a staple in the Hub City since they opened in 1980, providing their customers with great experiences and standing out with their iconic pink building.

Vinyl record collectors are not the only ones to love Ralph's. Filmmakers are taking notice as well. Specifically, award-winning filmmaker Adam Paul Stone decided to work with Ralph’s Records for his short film that's coming out soon.

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The short film is titled A Spinning Record, and the official trailer was just dropped yesterday on the film's official Instagram and YouTube pages. Ralph's Records also shared the new trailer and referenced a post they made while filming back in February. The post from earlier this year was made as a head’s up to Ralph's customers that they would be filming that day and to not be alarmed if they see cameras around while shopping.

It's always so cool to see local businesses getting involved in projects like this. Ralph’s is such an iconic Lubbock business that is a huge part of the community, so seeing them be a part of a project like this is amazing. It is also great to see creatives use local businesses like this to connect with the city they are filming in and have those local ties.

If you want to learn more about the short film, take a look at the official Instagram page and stay tuned for updates on release dates. You can also keep up to date with Ralph’s Records on their official Instagram page to see the new goodies they add to the store each week.

Watch the trailer for A Spinning Record below.

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