Anyone who had a kid between 2002 and 2018 knows all about Legacy Play Village.

It's kind of hard to even believe Legacy Play Village existed to begin with. Legacy Play Village was just plain cool. The other reason it's hard to believe it ever existed is because it was made of wood, and wood is not a great substance to build playground equipment with.

Apparently, The Friends of Legacy Park are giving up the ghost of the park. It also appears that the City of Lubbock has moved on from the idea as well. Can I blame them? Well, no, but it still sucks.

Legacy Play Village wasn't just a place for kids either. Let's be honest: after dark it was a great place for teens to gather and smoke, drink and, well, be teenagers. I'm certainly not blaming the demise of the park on teens. I'm just stressing that the area got a ton of use and yes, some vandalism, but that happens everywhere.

A wooden park really wasn't a good idea in 2008, and I'm surprised there weren't more kids gouged with nails or impaled by bolts. I'm sure someone reading this still has a splinter somewhere in their body courtesy of this playground. If a wood park were to ever rise again, it would need to have a full-time staff to repair and protect it, and that would just be too expensive.

There is some good news from this. Among the new plans for McAlister Park is a possible splash pad, which is something I've been pitching for a decade.

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