The C.B. Stubblefield statue has now been defaced.

What's at Stake

The memorial for C.B. Stubblefield and Stubb's Barbeque was the latest target of vandalism, at least that's been reported. The statue and area are a location where live music really took off in the Hub City. The disrespect shown with these markings is just unforgivable.

It Will Not 'Just Rub Off'

The person who took this picture actually tried to rub the substance off and it's not chalk. I was also told the same thing by another person who was tasked with cleaning up some of those roadside art pieces. These markings are causing deep problem on this art, some of which is on loan and must be repaired before returning.

He Has Struck Before

This person has tagged the aforementioned roadside monuments, mailboxes, tornado ruins and the Buddy Holly statue. This person is not unlike the Wet Bandits from Home Alone. He or she will eventually be linked to a lot of vandalism by this signature tag.

It Just Looks Trashy

You wouldn't want someone to scratch this into your car hood or even soap your car windows like this. It's also incredibly disrespectful when marked on statues of real human beings. It's just not a good look for the City of Lubbock.

It's Not Okay to Deface Something in the Name of Jesus

Since this isn't the first time I've written about this, let me say that it's not okay to tag something regardless of the message. If someone tagged a statue with "Save the Planet" or something like that, more people around here would be losing their minds.

It Could Be a Felony at This Point

With the man hours it's taken to attempt to clean these pieces of art, I could see how a good prosecutor might stack up the charges to make this a felony.

The Suspect

It's my guess that the vandal is a homeless person who may be suffering from a bit of a mental problem (just due to the weird locations). I hope whomever it is getting some help and will be instructed that this is not a good way to express his or her faith.

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