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The winds are beginning to calm down and the sky over Lubbock is starting to get blue as I sit down to write this on a windy, dusty, Friday afternoon. Normally, people are in a good mood on Fridays but today's high wind and dust soured the mood on the South Plains.

The good news? These dust storms don't last for days and they don't happen every day or every week. Also, people tend to appreciate the weather a little more after a day like today where everything and everyone was dealing with dirt. These type of dust storms come and go. They always have and they always will. Luckily they aren't as bad as they used to be. Even today's dust storm, while long and dusty, didn't seem as bad as some have been in the past.

One way to know if the dust storm was major is by looking at radar and at KLBK in Lubbock they did. And according to Jacob Riley from KLBK, today's dust storm was visible from space.

That looks about right. A large chunk of dirt over our homes here in Lubbock. Hopefully we won't see that again for a while.

Now that the dust is falling back down to Earth and the temperatures are going down, grab a jacket and enjoy the activities going on this evening and throughout the weekend. Enjoy the weather while it's nice and don't forget that Santa Land opens tonight in Lubbock and Candlelight at the Ranch will be tonight and Saturday.

Enjoy the weather while you can. And get ready, because I bet we are in for some good sunsets this weekend.

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