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Just about everywhere you look it seems as though the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine has been, if not a disaster, not handled well by many states and cities. It's been so bad in some cities that Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick last week said the process may need to be revised. There are reports in Dallas of the vaccine not being available and some cities in Texas that have received very few doses.

Given all of that, I must say that I've been impressed with how the City of Lubbock has handled vaccination clinics. Sure, there were a few days where phone lines went down and people were frustrated trying to get in. But that happened across the state. Once the City of Lubbock launched a ticketing system, things have seemed to run smoother.

Of course there are still people attempting to get the vaccine who can't get in, but that's more of a supply issue than a city issue. From those who I've spoken to who have gone through the process of getting the vaccine, it's an easy process that takes very little time.

I've heard from many residents who showed up at their appointment time, waited a few minutes to fill out paperwork, then moved to the area where the vaccine is administered. After the shot, they had to wait 15 minutes in a large open area to make sure they did not have any serious side effects.

I've heard time and time again that the process is easy and fast. And that, along with more doses coming in, have led to Lubbock having the third highest vaccination rate in the nation.

Hopefully, more vaccine will flow to Lubbock and the entire state and my hope is that Lubbock will continue to do well in getting those doses into the arms of people that want it.


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