It's finally that time of year where everyone is placing online orders for all of the Christmas gifts they need. Due to the high volume of orders, this not only slows down the delivery process, but also causes an influx of stolen packages.

Everyone has their way to keep their packages safe, whether it’s a lockbox or the most common method of having a Ring doorbell. Despite these measures, many packages still manage to go missing. Amazon even has a procedure in place where the delivery driver must take a photo of the package as proof of delivery.

Whenever I think of someone stealing packages, I imagine the typical car pulling up, passenger getting out, snagging the package and driving off. Unfortunately, there might be a different type of thief than you wouldn’t expect.

A woman in Lubbock recently posted to Nextdoor to share her experience with a package being stolen. According to her, she watched an Amazon delivery driver bring a package up to the front door, set it down and take a photo of it before picking it back up and starting to walk away with the package.

She happened to be at the front door watching this happen, so once the delivery driver started walking away with the package, she opened the door to approach the driver. The driver stopped, turned around and handed them the package. She said if it weren’t for her being at the front door, she wouldn’t have known the driver took it.

Of course, others on Nextdoor were upset to hear that this happened. One user commented that the incident needs to be reported to Amazon and the Lubbock Police Department. I agree that if the delivery driver was trying to steal the package, it's really terrible and should be reported. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any photo or video evidence of the driver trying to steal the package.

Without that evidence, it's hard to make a solid case against the driver. We can only hope that being caught in the act would prevent someone from ever trying to do it again.

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