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A Lubbock resident took to NextDoor recently to share how they found "black stuff" after they used their sink to get hot water.

In the post, the user shares a picture of the black specks that they found after they used their sink to get hot water. They say that it only happens when the hot water is used, and other users posted that they were experiencing the same thing.

So what gives?

Multiple commenters pointed out that this was likely a corrosion issue in the water heater. According to

Your water heater has components that can corrode and end up in your water. If you notice black specks only when using the hot water tap, you can be pretty sure the water heater is the culprit. This can also mean that your heater is at the end of its life. The fix is to replace your water heater as soon as possible.

Many suggested replacing the anode rod, which is the most important line of defense when it comes to preventing corrosion.


Others said to try and replace the aerator, the device that's attached to the tip of the faucet.

Photo by Jos Speetjens on Unsplash
Photo by Jos Speetjens on Unsplash

Regardless of the exact issue, your best bet is to contact your local plumbing service and have them take a look at it. It's always better to have an expert give their opinion before you try and solve the problem yourself and inadvertently cause more damage.

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