We already let you know how to identify sex offenders in Lubbock so you don't take your child to their houses while Halloween trick or treating. Now there's something even better.

A website called City-data shows exactly who the sex offenders are in your area. It lists each sex offender's name, address, height, hair color, age, eye color, what crime they were convicted of, when they were convicted, if they received probation, their conviction date, when they were registered on the sex offenders list and how long they must remain there.

As you can tell by the screenshot above, there are a lot of registered sex offenders in Lubbock -- 509 to be exact. According to the website, this information is current as of Oct. 26, 2016.

One of the most shocking facts on the website is that the ratio of residents per capita to sex offenders is only 464 residents to one sex offender. The number is 419 to 1 in Lubbock County and 485 to 1 in the state of Texas. This seems eerily high to me.

It is sad that we live in a world where sex offenders and predators exist, but hiding from it won't protect you or your children from it. Let's work together to get that ratio down in our city, our county and our state.

Hopefully this will be a valuable tool for you and your family to help ensure you have a happy and safe Halloween.

Remember: this information is for public service and not intended to use to harass or attack people.


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