A nine-week Great Dane mix named Sheriff is now in the care of South Plains SPCA after being found with severe sunburn damage to his skin.

Sheriff was found under weight with a large sunburn and pus coming out of it. KLBK News reports Sheriff was left outside for several days in the triple-digit heat.

Bayli Bybee, the puppy's foster mom, says that a couple saw Sheriff tied to a pole outside a private residence for multiple days. He had no shade from the heat or water. The couple took action and brought the dog to the South Plains SPCA, she said.

Bybee explained to the news outlet that in addition to the pus-filled wound on his back, Sheriff was also lethargic, skinny and flea-ridden.

Sheriff will be available for adoption -- eventually. "Once he's healed up, we're going to get him vaccinated, get him neutered, and I just want him to be a normal puppy," Bybee said.

You can reach out to the South Plains SPCA for more information on Sheriff, or to donate or volunteer.

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