In Lubbock you see some really amazing animals being that we have so many places for them to live but also being close to farmland you see some animals that are a bit out of the norm for pets. Recently the Lubbock Animal Shelter Adoption Center had a pet surrendered but this pet was a little bit different, he was actually very much a big pig. Seriously.

11-year-old Jake (his paperwork says 11) is actually a hog, pig, that was owner surrendered on Wednesday, September 13, to the Lubbock Animal Shelter Adoption Center. Obviously with Jake being a little out of the ordinary when it comes to their regular social media posts the comments were flooded with people tagging friends and family members urging their loved ones to adopt this little oinker.

There has been some debate as to why Jake was surrendered and I spoke with the Lubbock Animal Shelter who said that the previous owner was just no longer able to care for Jake. Things like that happen and that person did a great job of contacting people that could guarantee Jake goes to a great home and hopefully doesn't become bacon (he's literally too old anyways).

Anyone interested in adopting Jake does have to abide by the city ordinance and live outside of the city limits because no matter how cute he is Jake is still a pig. That city ordinance does prohibit any swine within the city limits unless its at the LISD ag barn or the fairgrounds. So if you are living within the city limits Jake will not be joining your family anytime soon unfortunately. Pigs are a lot of work and need a decent amount of room to run around, yes pigs run, and room for a bath or mud pit to wallow in.

As per the publishing of this article Jake has been confirmed to still be up for adoption, anyone interested in Jake can call ahead to the Lubbock Animal Shelter at 806-775-2057 to see if he is still available. It is advised that you have prior experience owning and caring for pigs. Also make sure to let us know if you become the lucky family to adopt this cute little oinker.

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