A Lubbock man had to use a gun Monday morning, October 31,to scare off burglars during a vehicle burglary. KAMC news reported that a man had to grab his firearm after noticing that his vehicles lights were on at around 1:30 a.m.. The victim then confronted two suspects outside of his vehicle before firing a shot into the ground, resulting in the the two suspects running away from his property. The Lubbock Police Department is currently working on minimizing the risk of vehicle burglaries with some small reminders.

The Lubbock Police Department is currently giving out signs with tips to local businesses that have overnight parking. The black and red signs are meant to bring attention to driver's that will be leaving their vehicles parked overnight with tips such as locking all doors, leaving nothing in view, and not leaving anything valuable in vehicles. It is also advised to double check and make sure no valuable items are left in the vehicles such as guns which the Lubbock Police Department states can be exchanged for drugs and money. These tips can be put into effect when staying outside of the Hub City in places such as motels or hotels.

In an interview with KFYO news local hotel employees give some tips to take into account when leaving your vehicle overnight in or outside of Lubbock. Well lit areas are a travelers best friend with a big parking lot so that any cameras on the property can easily pick up any suspicious activity. Also big trucks and big vehicles are advised to stay away from shrubbery and trees that could hide anyone interested in trying to hide from view at night. Big trucks with toolboxes are advised to park with their truck bed facing any hotels so that they face any cameras on property aimed at the parking lot. It is advised that any important documents and forms be taken out of vehicles when left overnight as most burglars try to look for cash and anything that will prevent them from leaving a cyber trail.

Any vehicle burglaries in Lubbock can be reported by calling the Lubbock Police Department non-emergency number at 806-775-2865 or by going online and filing a report. If online reports are made firearms and license plates can not be reported on that system and must be called in.

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