An unusual traffic stop involving a backhoe led to two arrests in Lubbock Sunday.

According to the Lubbock Police Department, a police officer pulled over backhoe that was traveling west on 114th Street at Quaker Ave. early Sunday morning.

When the officer approached the vehicle, one of the occupants, Aaron Brandon Luna, opened the door. The officer wrote in his police report that he noticed the smell of beer coming from inside the backhoe.

Luna's passenger, Jared Douglas Shelton, was holding a can of beer. According to the officer's police report, Luna himself did not appear to be intoxicated.

The pair was driving the backhoe to free Luna's car which was stuck in mud.

"[Luna] told me he was planning on driving the backhoe to his stuck vehicle, and was going to use the backhoe to pull his vehicle out of the mud," said the police report.

Luna was arrested for previous warrants, while Shelton, a minor, was arrested for possession of alcohol.

[via Everything Lubbock]