On Tuesday's edition of Lubbock's First News Larry Simmons, promoter for the Lubbock Music Festival and owner of the Tornado Gallery, talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about the changes he'd like to see for the music festival.

According to Simmons, one of the major problems with the Lubbock Music Festival is that the festival seems to have a lack of focus. He would like to see more of a clear direction as to what exactly the music festival is celebrating, whether it's specifically celebrating Lubbock music, or just music in general.

"Is this a festival to celebrate the heritage of Lubbock music? Is that what the Lubbock Music Festival is? Or, is this simply like an Austin City Limits festival, where it is the best concert you can possibly get and it takes place in Lubbock? What is the direction it needs to go? And there has never been a discussion on that, at all."

Simmons said that the festival should be a celebration of how Lubbock's music started, and that it should show how much Lubbock appreciates their local talent.

Simmons also pointed out that there is not much communication between the people who put on the festival and the people who attend, and that more community input would be very beneficial to the festival. He added that the festival could also benefit from a different festival director, although he has no qualms with the current director Don Caldwell.

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