After lengthy public comment in favor, the Lubbock City Council passed the first reading of two ordinances that would allow citizens to keep up to six hens in their backyard.

The ordinance was originally worded to allow four hens, but was amended to allow six. If adopted at the next city council meeting, citizens would be allowed to raise hens on residential properties, with strict criteria set in place for storage of feed, enclosures and coops for the hens and more.

Many citizens commented that the animal services department should have no troubles enforcing problems that may arise with outliers who do not conform to new codes.

Many council members including Floyd Price and Latrelle Joy noted that they had raised chickens themselves in the past and did not believe the fowls would cause a nuisance to neighbors through smell, noise or predator issues.

No roosters will be allowed if the ordinances is adopted at the next council meeting.