Lubbock has officially asked for our help controlling mosquitoes in the aftermath of our recent storms.

Here are a few simple things you can do to deter mosquitoes from breeding around your home:

  • Be aware of and dump any outdoor containers that have collected water
  • Fill in any low lying areas that tend to puddle or fill with water
  • Be aware of planters and pots that may contain water and dump them
  • Turn over your wheel barrow
  • Tires and tarps can also collect water, so dump them
  • Open garbage cans, remove or cover open buckets
  • Keep your yard mowed reports that the "City of Lubbock Vector Control is working to keep mosquito populations low by treating mosquito breeding sites to prevent mosquito larvae from emerging and fogging to reduce the number of adult mosquitoes."

Additionally, the site reports that there are things individuals can do to help avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes, including: using insect repellent; wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants; and limiting possible exposure to mosquitoes by reducing the time spent outdoors at dusk and dawn.


The good news is that these are considered to be "flood water mosquitoes" and not the type of mosquitoes that spread disease.

Let's all do our part. Just a few simple things can make a big difference and help to keep Lubbock healthier this summer.

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