On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Lubbock Mayor Tom Martin talked with Chad and Rex about the latest issues coming out of city council.

One of the big issues coming out of Tuesday's city council meeting was Lubbock Power & Light changing their rebates from mandatory to optional. Mayor Martin explained that, now that the city isn't in direct competition with Excel Energy any longer, the conditions for offering rebates has changed.

"At this point,and I agree with the electric board, that the goal should be to keep the rates as low as possible to begin with. We're in a different situation now, and we control that process totally, and as long as we keep the rates the lowest that we can keep them and still be profitable...why take the money and turn around and give it back?"

Mayor Martin also discussed Citibus, saying that funding the buses this year could be a challenge due to rising fuel costs. To counteract this, Martin said he may consider such options as raising the bus fares, possibly cutting some routes, or using smaller buses.

Martin also discussed the city budget, saying that the city need to take care of the "needs," or core services, of the city before taking on the "wants." He also talked about new pavilion in the parks, citing the parks as both a want and a need of the city, though not necessarily as important as the safety services, like the fire department.