The skies over Lubbock cleared up this early a.m. revealing what looked like a huge moon.

Even though we were at about three-quarters of a moon, the moon looked huge and it was bright enough that you see those shadowy-weird spots. This kind of visibility lets you know that the moon is cooking up something special.

On May 15th, 2022, look to the skies for something cool. That night should bring us a total lunar eclipse. When this happens it can give the moon a little bit of a red hue, making it officially a "Blood Moon," or unofficially a fiery red ball of death. I like the second description better, but it's based on the weird stuff that goes on in my head more than anything else.

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Get our free mobile app says that all of this hot and steamy moon action should be visible in "the Americas" and we certainly are located in one of those. This eclipse should happen at 10:28 p.m. EST, which I believe makes it 9:28 p.m. our time. In case you're wondering, that's about 45 minutes after sunset.

You may want to set some kind of reminder if you'd like to experience this event, and while you're at it set up a second reminder for November 8th for when it happens again.

As you well know, the day after an eclipse is always, "look at this crummy picture I took of the moon, but you should have seen it day." has an answer for that, too with some tips on lunar photography. If nothing else, read it to you can claim to be an expert in "lunar photography" because it sounds cool.

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