A Lubbock man arrested on federal charges has agreed to a plea deal. A Lubbock man was arrested back in September after reports that a laser was pointed at a Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter near 82nd Street and Slide Road.  KAMC news reports the pilot of the helicopter had to change course in an effort to avoid the hazard and prevent eye damage.

The laser was pointed multiple times at the helicopter who did search for the suspect that shot the laser at the plane. The suspect aimed the laser at the plane again near 50th Street and Indiana Avenue just after midnight. It was after this second time that the pilot was able to follow a truck and report it as the suspect to the Lubbock Police Department so that the necessary measures could be taken under the law.

The Lubbock Police Department were eventually able to perform a traffic stop and questioned 33-year-old Joshua Pyle who reportedly was breathing heavily and sweating excessively.Pyle was arrested after police discovered a laser pointer in his pocket to which he later admitted to aiming the laser pointer at the helicopter. If a judge accepts Pyle's guilty plea then he could face up to five years in prison for pointing the laser at the helicopter and creating a safety hazard.

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