We're going to kick some comedy butt this Friday night.

Let's start with the big announcement: 94.5 FMX The RockShow's Chrissy Covington will headline this event. She's kinda good.

Now for the competition, we have four vets and a wildcard. Previous winners Chris Hobart, Sweat Chuckles (Mr. Sweat), Cole Walker Hendrick and Caleb Davis will be joined by upstart Redd Giles.

Giles is against some fierce competition, but this wouldn't be the first time a newb has come in and won it all. The guys are playing for all the marbles, with those marbles being a chance to headline the next event.

The competition works like this. We have five rounds. The first round is three minutes of straight stand-up. The middle three rounds are improv questions. We then finish up with a roast that's hilarious, yet brutal. The winner is decided by the crowd via secret ballot.

The Lubbock Laugh Off is the Hub City's premier comedy event bringing you the best showcase of Lubbock and area stand-up comedians. The event is this Friday, August 13th, 2021 at World of Beer in the West End Shopping Center. We anticipate a nice crowd for this show, so please arrive early for the best seats.

The Lubbock Laugh Off is (barely) hosted by Lubbock's Most Beloved Radio Personality, Wes Nessman. Come by for some giggles and stuff.

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