Lubbock ISD's safety protocols include a reunification plan that’s designed to reunite students with their parents in case of an emergency.

"We would communicate with parents what that reunification site was and then parents would come to that site with their identification," LISD Director of School Safety and Security Stacey Carter told KAMC News.

Carter explained that the reunification plan would likely direct parents away from the school, where the emergency might be taking place. To pick up their kids at the reunification site, parents need to prove they are who they say they are to get through security screeners. This is meant to ensure that every student gets home safety.

LISD currently has a comprehensive Emergency Response Guide for families to become familiar with. The guide outlines five different responses. The first is to evacuate the school, depending on the threat.

The second is called "Shelter in Place," which requires students and staff to stay inside their classrooms in case of an outside threat.

The third response is referred to as an Alert, which is initiated if there is an immediate threat near or on the school campus itself. This includes instructions for students and staff to avoid the sight line of doors or windows.

The fourth response is a Lock-down, which is often initiated if there is a potential school shooter or a bomb threat. The doors and windows are required to be locked, covered, or even barricaded. This response requires law enforcement to give an all clear before the lock-down can end.

And now, there is another part of the guide called Reunification, which is described as a formalized, controlled release of students back into their parent's care.

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