As the 2011-2012 school year ends, the Lubbock ISD Board of Trustees on Thursday morning will consider changes to the district’s Student Code of Conduct during their regular Board Meeting.

If a set of proposed changes from March are approved, changes would also come to the student dress code. Those changes would specifically involve banning baggy pants, extreme hair styles, visible tattoos and other minor changes.

The newest trustee on the board, Mark Blankenship, made it a point during his election campaign earlier this month, to campaign for a stricter dress code.

"I will vote for a conservative dress code that will be in keeping  with our local community values. I believe that we have a  duty to teach our children how to properly present themselves  in a structured environment so they will later be prepared for life in the world outside of  public school.   I believe that local employers will appreciate a more structured school dress code since so many of them have dress codes.   I will vote to prohibit Mohawks/faux hawks, oversized/low hanging pants (pants belted above the waist), tattoos (must be covered), spacers, gauges, plugs, ear rings (K-8), extreme hair colors and other similar dress habits that are being seen in our schools."