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Parents and teachers of Lubbock ISD have come together to create Every Child Every Day PAC, an advocacy group designed to help bridge communication between the community and school system.

KAMC News reports that the group aims to create dialogue between parents and the school board. Kristi Giemza, Every Child Every Day co-founder, said:

We wanted to foster communication and really push for a collaboration that we weren’t necessarily seeing on the current school board.

Giemza went on to talk about the various issues that the group will attempt to tackle, like school board meeting times:

We really push to move the school board time. It’s currently at seven in the morning, so it’s very difficult for parents because they’re getting their kids ready for school in the morning. Teachers can’t attend. Most school board meetings throughout the state are scheduled in the early evening just like city meetings are so people can participate.

On Every Child Every Day's Facebook page, they outlined some more proposals to enhance community engagement:

We would like individual trustees to visit and talk with administrators and teachers in the schools once monthly by themselves. This is also something that happens in other districts in West Texas. Trustees can bring any great ideas and also challenges back to the superintendent and the fellow trustees.

They also say that they want trustees to have quarterly town halls or community conversations with parents, teachers, and the public.

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