Lubbock ISD students have brought home quite a few medals for their musical performances.

LISD high school band and orchestra students earned a total of 436 First Division medals at the University Interscholastic League Regional Solo and Ensemble competition on Saturday, February 22nd.

District high school choir students also earned a total of 133 First Division medals at their UIL Solo and Ensemble competition on February 1st, and LISD middle school orchestra and choir students cumulatively earned 651 First Division medals.

Together, LISD secondary students earned a total of 1,220 First Division medals.

“UIL Solo and Ensemble contest provides an opportunity for our directors to engage in authentic one-on-one teaching,” said Will Burks, LISD director of Fine Arts. “Moreover, it provides our students who are already successfully participating with their band, choir, or orchestra, a venue for individual achievement and recognition.”

Many of the high school students will advance to the State Solo and Ensemble competition in Austin during Memorial Day Weekend. There is no state competition for middle school students.