The Lubbock ISD Board of Trustees this morning approved raises for current LISD teachers, counselors, diagnosticians, librarians, nurses and administrators. Plus, they also approved a new salary schedule for beginning teachers, which will only be in effect for the 2012-2013 school year.

For existing teachers, on average they will receive a raise of $1,500. Administrative operations, instructional support and administrative/professional employees were given a pay increase of two percent, based on the midpoint for their pay grade.


“It is very important to get our starting salary for teachers in line with other large districts if we are going to stay competitive in recruiting and retaining the very best teachers,” said LISD Superintendent Karen Garza. “We know our teachers and all the supporting people at the campuses and at Central Office worked extraordinarily hard this year to move our system forward. It was a struggle to find the money to do this within our existing budget, but I am delighted we have been able to accomplish this for our employees.”


2012-13 New Hire Guide for
Classroom Teachers, Librarians and Nurses (RN)

Years Experience                 New Hire Salary
0                                                         $40,000
1                                                          $40,200
2                                                          $40,400
3                                                          $40,600
4                                                          $40,800
5                                                          $41,000
6                                                          $41,486
7                                                          $42,144
8                                                          $42,714
9                                                          $43,281
10                                                       $43,584
11                                                        $43,887
12                                                        $44,190
13                                                        $44,493
14                                                        $44,902
15                                                        $45,205
16                                                        $45,508
17                                                        $46,167
18                                                        $47,236
19                                                        $48,271
20+                                                    $49,237

Notes from LISD: Salaries listed are based on 10-month employment

This salary plan is for the 2012-2013 school year only.
It does not represent salaries for future years.

Salary advancement is based on the annual pay raise budget approved by the Board of Trustees each year.