I learned to ice skate in the second grade, back when had access to an ice skating rink on a regular basis. It was a joyous feeling, flying along the ice with the smell of cold in my nose. My friends and I would skate for hours until we were absolutely exhausted, and ready for an extra large cup of hot chocolate.

When I moved to Lubbock in the third grade, I was disappointed that there were no ice skating facilities, and for most of Lubbock's history there haven't been. (Except for the short time we had a hockey team, I'm unaware of another venue for ice skating ever being here.)

That's why I'm beyond excited that The Garden,  located at 1801 Buddy Holly Ave., is transforming into a winter wonderland for the month of December. Although I'll admit that ice skating as an adult is much more challenging, I'm still game for it -- and piping hot chocolate -- in what has been my hometown for many years. The hot alcoholic drinks will probably help my courage, if nothing else does.

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