A local non-profit horse rescue group is unable to take in anymore horses despite a significant need from citizens.

KAMC news reports that Rescued Animals Second Chance is at capacity right now and unable to take in anymore rescue horses that need saving due to the drought, hay costs, diesel costs and feed costs. The rescue currently fears they'll soon run out of hay and feed. Their stockpiles have started to dwindle, and the group also needs more water irrigation systems, which cost thousands of dollars.

Rescued Animals Second Chance has saved 90 neglected horses over the years, along with 68 horses that were slated to be slaughtered. Founder Dr. Beth Nickels says they have the land to build more pens to save more horses, they're just lacking the funds. Dr. Nickels is a surgeon, but puts time into taking care of the horses along with the staff and funds 80 percent of the non-profit organization out of her own pocket.

Texas Tech Athletics will be hosting an event August 3rd, 2022, called Women Behind the Brand where women can learn about and play football. Registration for the event is $80 per person and will include a dinner, t-shirt, yeti cup, Sports Performance Center tour, photo op, as well as on-field drills. All proceeds from this event will go to Rescued Animals Second Chance.

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