This morning, Lubbock Homes for Heroes, in partnership with the West Texas Home Builders Association, Ashley Furniture, City Bank and Texas Tech University, presented a new mortgage free home to Army Specialist Louis Flores and his family, wife Olga and seven year-old son Gabirel (pictured, right: The key presentation with Larry Driscoll and the Flores family) .

The home is located in the 6400 block of 77th Street in Bacon Crest and it will be featured in the 2012 Parade of Homes.

Specialist Flores, a Plainview native, was deployed to Northern Iraq where he served as a medic. During his service he was involved in multiple IED explosions. The strain of being involved in combat began to become difficult to Flores while he served, and after he returned home.

He returned to Texas Tech to continue his studies only to find himself distracted and unable to make the grades. Having undergone screening for TBI (traumatic brain injury) and having tested positive for a moderate brain injury, Flores and his bride of 12 years began to understand how that injury contributed to his maladjustment and cognitive struggles. He credits his wife Olga for providing the strength and courage to pull both of them through the hard times.

Veteran, Anthony Villarreal, who received a home from Lubbock Homes for Heroes last year and now serves on the Homes for Heroes Selection Committee, spoke at today's event. He told Louis that things get better, "Louis, I just want to say, 'hey brother', you got this (new home). You'll be fine from here on out.  You got us, especially me. You have someone to come talk to. We did this for you."

Spc. Louis and Olga Flores were incredibly grateful for the donation made to them, "From the beginning it's been nothing but love. It's been outstanding," said Louis to KFYO News. He continued, "Everything we could have asked for has been given to us. I think the greatest thing is the connection with a lot of wonderful people."

Ashley Furniture provided $15,000 worth of new furniture and accessories for the Flores' home. The new furnishings provided included bedroom suites, living room recliner and couch, flat screen televisions and dining room table. "Any time you can help a fellow American and someone who's put their life on the line to make sure ours is 'routine'; it's an opportunity for us to show our appreciation," said Ricky Martinez with Ashley Furniture.

As far as the future of Lubbock Homes for Heroes, Trey Strong told KFYO News that the Homes for Heroes program will expand. In the future it will include first responders from the Lubbock area, in addition to members of the military.

KFYO's Tarren Hubbard contributed to this story


Anthony Villarreal also spoke to KFYO's Tarren Hubbard and you can listen to that interview in the audio player below:

Spc. Louis and Olga Flores spoke to KFYO's Tarren Hubbard and you can listen to that complete interview in the audio player below:

Ricky Martinez with Ashley Furniture spoke with KFYO's Tarren Hubbard about the Flores' home:

Trey Strong of the West Texas Home Builders Association and Trey Strong Custom Homes spoke with KFYO's Tarren Hubbard: