I don't have any answers here, only a bunch of questions.

Aaron Gonzalez, Special to KFYO.com
Aaron Gonzalez, Special to KFYO.com

My Facebook feed is full of people who heard a VERY LOUD noise, presumed to be an aircraft, late Monday night.

Sometime around 11 p.m. there was a loud rumble over South Lubbock. Those who heard it said it reminded them of a B-2 flyover that they experienced at a Texas Tech game. They said it sounded like it was actually landing on The Loop.

I've checked all the news sources in town and no one is currently reporting on exactly what that sound was. We've reached out to the Lubbock Police Department for any info they may have.

If you happened to see what caused the noise, or have some inside intel (that won't make the government disappear ya), then drop us a line at: justin.massoud@townsquaremedia.com

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