Tuesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens and Lubbock County Sheriff Kelly Rowe joined Dave and Matt to talk about how the police in the city of Lubbock and Lubbock county work together, Lubbock Growth, the drugs and violence in Lubbock, DWIs and traffic problems, and more.

Stevens and Rowe started the discussion by talking about the way that the police in the city of Lubbock and the Sheriff's department work together. When asked what happens if a criminal commits a crime in the city limits but lives in the county, the two explained that the Sheriff's department would deal with it, but often the Lubbock Police Department would assist them. "It's one of the great things where Kelly and I have such a great relationship, not just between the two of us, but between our agencies and our folks that work together. We have, virtually, a seamless hand off," Stevens explained.

The Police Chief and Sheriff also discussed frequency of violence in Lubbock. "The vast majority of all crimes, be they property crime or even violent crime, all stems back to things such as drugs, or even alcohol for that matter," Stevens explained, going on to say that random acts of violence are not likely to be how one would be injured, but instead in traffic accidents, saying, "If you're going to be injured or hurt in the city of Lubbock, and really throughout the United States in almost any city, it's going to be in a traffic crash. You have a much higher chance of being injured or killed in a traffic crash then you do being a victim or violent crime, certainly of a random act of violence." Due to this, they are growing their traffic enforcement, and with the growth of the city, will eventually need more officers.

Watch the full interview with Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens and Lubbock County Sheriff Kelly Rowe in the video above.

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