A mystery involving some purported shady characters and a van has been solved. Not by the Scooby Doo gang, but by the Lubbock Police Department.

Lubbock resident posted a photo of some men standing outside her home beside a van on social media.

Veronica Gomez posted the photo after she became afraid of the men's presence. Scared to stay at her house, Gomez took the photo and posted it on social media as she left the house and her Frenship neighborhood, also calling police and her husband.

Gomez said that she had looked out her window and saw the van. The next thing she knew, the men were at her door.

Lt. Ray Mendoza with the Lubbock Police Department said they received numerous calls about the van, which, upon investigation, turned out to be vacuum salesmen.

Mendoza said that people should be aware of the surroundings and to not be afraid to contact the police if they see suspicious activity.

As Gomez's friend Monica Valdez said: "We're seeing a lot of missing kids, so I just want people to be aware of all things suspicious."

Gomez is still skeptical of the whole situation, saying that she doesn't think the men are in sales and that she has "never seen so many men in a van."

After Valdez posted the photo on Facebook, it went viral, with women saying they too had seen the dark colored van.

To report any suspicious activity or information pertaining to a crime, you can call the Lubbock Crime Line, call (806) 741-1000. For non-emergencies, call (806) 775-2865. For all emergencies, call 911.