Oh, how I love when a con/scam artist is caught and confronted.

We wrote about a local con artist this week who was approaching people in several parking lots in Lubbock claiming to need money to get her family home from Las Vegas.

Our good friend, KLBK reporter Elizabeth Pace, took the situation seriously and confronted the con artist at a local parking lot.

In the video, the con artist claimed she was just asking for money since she fell on hard times. She denied that she was asking for money related to the Las Vegas mass shooting. (If you watch the video, she's driving an awfully nice car for someone down on their luck.)

Pace caught her at several locations in Lubbock, including Kingsgate Center.

People who have encountered this woman have said she is extremely aggressive in her tactics.

The woman's own daughter says the con artist has done this her whole life.

According to Pace and KLBK, the woman, who's identity is not being released, has been arrested more than 26 times for various charges, including burglary, fabricating evidence and drug-related charges.

The Lubbock Police Department has been notified of her new pattern of behavior. However, there's seemingly nothing they can currently do about it as it's not criminal activity.

"This matter has not entered the realm of criminal at this time, due to the fact that no money has exchanged hands by those who have called police," Lubbock Police Department Public Information Assistant Kasie Whitley told us via email.

Now, let's hope this was enough of a scare to get her off the streets and get her some help.

Here is our report from yesterday:

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