The decision by the Lubbock city council to give up on enforcing the city charter because it's inconvenient is unfortunate, and shows a lackadaisical attitude toward the law in general and the charter specifically.

The strategy of councilman Victor Hernandez to remain on the council even though it was clear he had violated the charter and was required to forfeit his position was shameful, and it showed he has no respect for the charter, city government and his constituents.

Hernandez has been in hot water since KFYO reported in January that he was behind on his taxes.  According to the charter, that meant Hernandez had forfeited his position on the council.  To return to the council, he would have to run for the council again and be elected.

But that was too inconvenient for Hernandez and the rest of the council.  Hernandez refused to forfeit his position as the charter required, and ultimately the council gave up, instead of pursuing every legal option to force Hernandez from office as required.

And where has the city manager been during all this?  The charter states that the city manager "shall see that all laws and ordinances are enforced."  Has she gone to court to enforce the charter as it applies to Hernandez and city employees?  No.

Apparently the charter is just a piece of paper.

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