Friday night, the Lubbock Christian University Women's Basketball program celebrated its third Division II National Championship in six years. The Lady Chaps beat the Drury Panthers 69 to 59.

At the Moody Auditorium on Lubbock Christian University's campus, eager fans filled the seats. Anxious and excited, they would view the championship game played all the way in Columbus, Ohio. Accustomed to watching an elite level of play and coaching, the feeling in the air was a mix of confidence and nerves. After all, they had not seen their favorite team lose a game since January of last season.

If the game ended in an LCU victory, it would mark back-to-back championships. This feat has not been accomplished since 2002 when Cal Poly Pomona won their second championship in a row. It would also mark only the fifth time a program had won at least three championships in Division II history, and the only time in Division II history a program had won two National Titles without losing a single game all season. If the game ended in a loss, that would make the Lady Chaps' Division II post-season record 19-2.

Either way, those numbers are not too shabby.

The Lady Chaps would start the game on fire, going 6-10 from deep and ending the quarter up 22-12. That lead would be cut down, and then grow the entire game, but it would never be lost. Drury, much like LCU, was known to score and blow out its competition, but would be held to 59 points in the end. In the final minutes of the fourth quarter, Drury would make a 20-9 run, cutting the lead to four.

You could cut the tension in the Moody with a knife.

In the end, Lady Chaps fans would be able to breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate LCU's second undefeated championship season. LCU's Allie Schulte, who piled in 18 points, was named the tournament's Most Outstanding Player.

There were cheers, joy and confetti, as the realization of another historical season from head coach Steve Gomez and his squad was shared through a projector screen.

That confetti was a really nice touch. The good news for LCU and bad news for the rest of the NCAA Division II women's division? LCU could potentially bring this entire roster back next season.

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