Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) took a three-year-old Lubbock boy into their custody Wednesday after receiving a call that he was out in the streets without any adult supervision.

According to Everything Lubbock, a police report by a responding officer noted that it took 40 minutes for him to locate the child's guardians -- a parent and grandparent -- and their home.

When the officer stepped inside the home, it "wreaked [SIC] of cigarette smoke, old/moldy food, and feces."

"The floor of the residence was covered in trash, food, spilled liquid substances, dog food, dog feces, and dirty diapers," read the police report, adding that there was "feces on the wall that had been smeared by a small hand at the height of [the child]."

The officer also located marijuana paraphernalia in the bed the child shared with his parent.

The report said that both the child's parent and grandparent were "unusually calm" when discussing the incident and that they refused to take responsibility for the state of the home or the child wandering the street.

"We are working with CPS to come up with the best way to proceed with the child's best interest in mind," said Lubbock Police Department Lieutenant Ray Mendoza.

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