I was commiserating online with a friend about how miserable it is to just pay your LP&L bill.

I don't have many of the problems that some of you have with LP&L. I generally get good service so I don't complain much. One thing I can vouch for is, these folks do not make it easy to pay your bill. It's almost as if they want you to get frustrated and wait, ultimately resulting in more charges (sorry, that's the way it feels sometimes).

Let's back up a bit. Some of us have to pay with credit cards due to business or other concerns. Some of us have multiple accounts and can't just send a check through our bank bill pay. Other folks have to sweat getting that payment in until the last minute. People have reasons, Y'all, so let's look at the problems.

First, there is their call-in "Fast Pay," which is a The Matrix-level combination of baloney that will usually take at least 10 minutes. You also get charged a "convenience fee" for this very inconvenient interface. Then, there's the online "E Z Pay" and "quick pay," which malfunctions over and over again, resulting in multiple visits, too. More than once I've had both password problems with the setup and apparently cookie problems using the interface. I've been on the phone with them at least a half-dozen times to straighten the log-in account out, only to end up frustrated again.

I know that the public can be a little dumb-headed. I will admit that I can be, too. But let's boil this down to one simple question: Why is it simpler to buy anything, and I mean anything, on God's green earth online than it is to pay your electric bill?  

Step into 2018, LP&L. You've got enough problems without making it hard to get paid.

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