I love when it rains because in Lubbock that seems to be a rare thing but recently it's been raining almost everyday since May and these pesky mosquitoes have been annoying me lately. I'm sorry but I have to call out my neighbors that live out in North Lubbock County who don't understand how rain works outside the city limits.

There is an unspoken rule of not speeding down the muddy roads because when the roads are dry we have tons of holes in the road. Apparently, that's not common knowledge and just I just enjoy turning on my county road and just bumping up and down the street in my own car like some East L.A. lowrider.

Aside from kicking up mud it seems some of my new neighbors are ok with letting their weeds in the ditches outside their homes grow crazy which just makes the whole road look bad. Seriously. There was even two separate occasions a group of piglets broke free and both times I found them rolling in the mud and dirt in ditches that hadn't been cut down. Piglet approved! It also encourages mosquitoes to hide and allows for water from the rain to sit longer where they lay their eggs. I hate mosquitoes!

I am all for do whatever you want but not cutting the weeds in your ditches leads to mosquitoes and going fast down a wet dirt road will make holes. I bet you are lovely people but there's just some unspoken rules we follow out here that benefit everyone.

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