Less than a month before voters in the Republican and Democrat primaries in Texas begin casting ballots in early voting and one race that has caught the attention of many is the Republican primary for Texas Attorney General.

Ken Paxton, the current Attorney General is facing a primary challenge from three other Republicans. All are big name Republicans who are leaving one position to run for the position of Texas Attorney General.

Congressman Louie Gohmert surprised many when he decided to leave Congress, and a very safe seat, to challenge Paxton. Congressman Gohmert appeared on The Chad Hasty Show on Tuesday evening to discuss his campaign and why he decided to challenge Paxton.

Gohmert told listeners that he was willing to risk his political career to save Texas and that he doesn't believe Paxton has a chance of defeating a Democrat in November after "lurid" details come out about some of the controversies surrounding Paxton.

Gohmert also told listeners that he decided to run against Paxton because he doesn't believe Paxton has actually done enough to stop voter fraud in Texas.

It actually goes back Chad, to December 2018 when I was shown evidence of fraud in Dallas County in the primary and the general election. And it was of great concern to me and I knew that Attorney General Paxton had been presented with the evidence and as a judge that had signed countless warrants, there seemed like there was plenty of evidence of probable cause to justify a warrant to seize the computers, voting machines, software, flash drives, and I was thinking this gave our Attorney General a chance of being a national hero who went after fraud and would show places like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and other places were the problems are. But for some reason he wouldn't go after it. He told some of our State Senators "yeah I looked at it and there wasn't enough to convict anybody". That's not how it works!

Gohmert outlined other possible cases that Paxton did not go after and questioned whether or not Paxton told former President Donald Trump that Gohmert was not going to run for Attorney General.

Listen to the full interview above.

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