Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick joined The Chad Hasty Show on Wednesday to talk about the controversy over Fort Worth Schools Superintendent Kent Scribner and Scribner's recently issued school district guidelines allowing transgender students to enter the bathroom of their choice according to the gender they identify with.

Explaining exactly what the guidelines contain, Patrick said: "In this guideline, put out by the Superintendent, not voted on by the board, not shared with the public to make comment on, but an executive order by the Superintendent on his own, he says in his guideline that if a child going through transgender transition, in other words if a boy believes they really want to be a girl, and a girl believes they really want to be a boy, and we're talking about a handful of students here out of eighty thousand [in the Fort Worth school district], that if that child says 'don't tell my parents,' the school district will not tell their parents. Now that's against the law. Because the school district cannot withhold any information from parents concerning activities."

Patrick continued: "This is turning our school policy upside down, on it's head. It's taking your children away from your parents, and it's quite frankly going to be the beginning of the end of our public schools. No parent is going to want their child to go to a school where boys can shower with girls, where girls can go into the boys room. They're not going to tolerate it. They're not going to accept it."

Listen to the entire interview with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick in the video above.

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