The last portion of a lawsuit filed by a former Texas Tech head football coach has been dismissed.

99th District Court Judge William Sowder dismissed the final count in Mike Leach’s lawsuit against Texas Tech.

Sowder ruled that Leach’s due process rights were not violated when Tech fired him in December of 2009.

Leach was fired due to a refusal to write an official apology for conduct against Tech football player Adam James. His firing came one day before Leach was owed an $800,000 tenure bonus, in addition to $1.7 million for 2009 guaranteed outside income and bonuses. He was paid his 2009 base salary of $300,000.

Leach had appealed his wrongful termination lawsuit to the Texas Supreme Court, but it was denied in February of 2012.

In a statement today, Texas Tech said that they are “very pleased with Judge Sowder's decision."