About Orion

Orion is a Siberian Husky who has been at the Lubbock Animal Shelter for several months. He is a friendly, upbeat dog who loves attention and being around people. Orion was adopted out earlier this year, however sadly the adopter's apartment complex did not allow animals so he was returned to the shelter. Orion is an intelligent, curious dog who is very aware of his surroundings. He isn't hyperactive and would be a lap-dog if you let him.

About the Breed

Orion's temperament is a textbook example of the breed's personality. Siberian Huskies are loving and happy-go-lucky dogs. They are a higher energy dog, and are good with children. They are friendly to strangers, and bond very closely to their family. Siberian Huskies rarely bark. A well-adjusted Siberian Husky will be a sociable and relaxed pet. They are relatively intelligent and easy to train, however they are independent. Huskies make good exercise partners, and need frequent exercise.

Adopting Orion

For an adoption fee of only $60, Orion can become a loving member of your family.  The adoption fee will include a microchip, shots, and a voucher for getting him neutered. If you paid for these things on your own, shots, neutering and microchipping can cost well over $250. If you are interested in visiting or adopting Orion, contact Lubbock Animal Services at (806) 775-2057, visit him at the new shelter at 3511 SE Loop 289 in Lubbock, or send me an email at Julie@kfyo.com!


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