A newcomer to the Lubbock political scene has thrown his hat into the ring for a county office.

Jon David Bruegel announced early Thursday afternoon his intention to run for the Republican nomination for County Commissioner of Precinct 2.

"I'm running for county commissioner because I support fiscal conservatism," Bruegel said.

"I think Lubbock is not one of the worst counties, but its also not the best. We see cities like Detroit that have gone downhill so far they've had to declare bankruptcy.

I think its time now to take a proactive stance and look at ways we can find efficiencies in the county government, look at ways to keep the tax rate down, and look at ways to prevent future debt."

Bruegel also wants to follow the lead of Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson and move the County Commissioner meetings to the evenings to encourage more participation from citizens in the county.

Bruegel made the announcement in front of thirty supporters in the conference room of the Science Spectrum in South Lubbock.

Precinct 2 is currently held by the incumbent Republican Mark Heinrich who was elected to the position in November of 2006. Heinrich has indicated to Lubbock County Republican Party Chairman Carl Tepper his intention to run for a third term.

No one has committed to run yet, but I have spoken with two individuals who are considering whether to run for that office,” said Chairman Kenny Ketner of the Lubbock County Democratic Party.

I would say that there is interest and that LCDP is actively recruiting candidates for the position.”

The 2014 primary in Texas for the Republican and Democratic parties will be held on Tuesday, March 4th.